Bryn Mawr College, 1901-1902

When Constance Applebee introduced field hockey to Bryn Mawr College in 1901, the school did not yet have its own newspaper. The College News, with Applebee as its faculty editor, would not begin publishing until 1914. Two campus literary magazines, The Fortnightly Philistine and The Lantern, were in existence at that time, though, and they documented the arrival of the new sport.

fortnightlyphili08stud_0009“For the last three years the Philistine has listened to alluring descriptions of the hockey games in the English women’s colleges, and has formed all sort of delightful little pictures of its joys,” the October 25, 1901, issue of The Fortnightly Philistine declared. “But until now there has always been a carload of cinders, two hundred and fifty seven dollars, or something lacking to complete the arrangements for the game at Bryn Mawr. At last however, all those little wants have been provided for and we are now not only to have our hockey field, but also a real English hockey player to instruct us in its uses.”

Later in that same issue, the Philistine reported that “the earth courts behind Radnor [one of the residence halls on campus] are to be changed into a hockey field. Miss Appleby [sic], an English player, will give lessons to those who wish to learn the game. Sticks can be ordered from Dr. Smith at $2.00.”

fortnightlyphili08stud_0033“Miss Appleby [sic], the English hockey teacher, was in Bryn Mawr from October 21 to October 25 to teach the game,” the Philistine reported in its November 8, 1901, issue. “She delivered an address in the chapel on Thursday evening, October 24, on ‘Hockey in England.’ ”

lantern1115stud_0019“An important and long-desired addition was made to outdoor sports last autumn, when, through the kindness of President Thomas and Miss Garrett, hockey was introduced into the college,” reported the June, 1902, issue of The Lantern. “The game was very enthusiastically received, and has already acquired almost as much general interest as basketball. It is hoped that by next fall the teams will be sufficiently well organized to hold match games, and that these may become a regular feature of college athletics, just as the championship basketball games now are.”

annualreportofal1013bryn_0011From the Tenth Annual Report of the Alumnae Association of Bryn Mawr College 1901-1902: “The introduction this year of the game of hockey has supplied a long felt want in the athletic life of the college, as this game may be played out of doors, and many may take part in it. Through President Thomas the students were given an opportunity for instruction in the game by Miss Appleby [sic], who has been introducing hockey into the women’s colleges.”

brynmawrcollegey1902bryn_0005The yearbook for the graduating class of 1902 commemorated the arrival of field hockey as well. “Early in October of our Senior year, field hockey was introduced at Bryn Mawr, and came at once into great popularity. 1902 responded nobly to the call for players, and Frances Adams was among the foremost to promote the game and soon became the star player of the class. If I remember rightly, the games during that year were not regularly organised, and there were no class teams formed. The playing was merely for practice, and was quite informal. Regular class teams, which competed as in basket-ball, were formed the year after we left.”


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